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We had an amazing Vacation Bible School During June 2023.


We had Tree days off activities, crafts and worship. We learned about God  and we enjoyed all together. 

What makes you wonder?

What sparks your curiosity?

What makes you want to explore, discover, and experiment?

That’s why, in that 3-day VBS, we engaged kids’ imaginations! Kids didn't just get curious about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics — they became inquisitive about the God who created it all!

They heard from early church leaders like Paul, Peter, John, and Timothy, who assisted the first Jesus followers in pondering what made their stories unique, what gifts God had bestowed upon them (and how they could employ those gifts in service), what lessons they could glean from others, and how they could devote time to communion with God.

We are already counting the days to meet again in 2024 at a new VBS.

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