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Our family moved to Manteca in June 2004.  We began attending Crossroads Grace Community Church when their current location opened in 2006. Our family was starting a new journey without even knowing what Christ had planned for us.

​We became a host home for a growth group which was being launched at that time.  We were blessed to have the founding pastors of Crossroads, Mike and Grace Moore, facilitate our group.  We met consistently in our home for three years with them. 

​Throughout the three years, our family thrived in the environment of love, grace and freedom which Crossroads offers to all who walk through their doors.


​As our family’s relationship with Christ deepened, we began to see our children connect with Crossroads Children’s and youth ministries.  The leaders mentoring our children was an essential component in their faith journey.

As parents, we saw how a Christ centered life transforms families.  We became more involved in serving the Manteca community because of the impact Christ had in our family in such a short period of time.

Mike and Grace Moore invited us to dinner and asked where did we see ourselves serving in the next five years. At that point, we were hosting a large growth group and were content serving at that capacity.    
It had always been the Moore’s dream to have a Spanish ministry launched at Crossroads along with Aldo’s interest to serve the Hispanic community.  It was at that dinner God’s plans for our lives started to develop.  

A Spanish growth group was launched with the name “Lo que Creemos”.  The second year meeting attendance began to grow and God placed families together to launch a Spanish service in November 2010, Sundays at 6 p.m.  By 2013, the name CREE was adopted.  CREE has two meanings, Crossroads en Español and the Spanish translation— to believe.

A year later, we moved the service to 3 p.m. in hopes that we could serve the community better.  The Spanish service began to grow organically and we decided to move the service to 2 p.m.   Since 2012, God has lead CREE to impact the community in various ways.​


Our Mission

CREE's vision is to reach Hispanic families in Manteca and the surrounding areas so that they may come to know God and follow him completely.

Our congregation is MULTICULTURAL & INTERNATIONAL, composed of people from different countries including: Central, North, and South America.


Our Hispanic roots are strong as is our deep love for FAMILY. For this reason, we realized that there's a need to conduct Church and serve our community in both languages; Spanish and English. Adults, children, and our youth will be able to enjoy our bilingual services every Sunday.

Our vision

To encourage our members to take the next step.  To present the gospel of Jesus, being salt and light to our community, impacting others with Christ's love.


Our goal is to provide a Sunday service designed to feed spiritually those who have made the decision

to follow Jesus Christ.


Our intention is to provide a contemporary service, dedicated for  the whole family.


Uniting families, generations and culture…

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